Typhoon Committee Technical Help Desk
Establish debris flow and landslides warning system

Working Group of Hydrology, Typhoon Committee

Project name of RCPIPs

Establish a flash flood and sediment disaster forecasting/warning system in a pilot project area in cooperation with DPP component and spread to other areas

Project name of Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Establish debris flow and landslides warning system

Technical Help Desk for Early Warning System for Sediment-related disasters (Flash flood)

Guidelines for Development of Warning and Evacuation System against Sediment-Related Disasters (Sep. 2003; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) (pdf files)

Procedure and examples of setting standard for critical rainfall for warning and evacuation from sediment-related disasters

Help Desk

If you need advises/recommendations, please send a message to address below.

Dr. Hideaki MIZUNO

Senior Researcher, Research Center for Disaster Risk Management,
National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management,
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, JAPAN


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