Typhoon Committee Technical Help Desk
Project on Hazard Mapping for Sediment-Related Disasters

Working Group of Hydrology, Typhoon Committee

Project name of Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Hazard Mapping for Sediment-Related Disasters (debris flow and landslides)

Technical Help Desk for developing and modifying a method to designate area with high risk of sediment-related disasters (debris flow and landslides)

Guidelines for Development of Warning and Evacuation System against Sediment-Related Disasters (Sep. 2003; Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport) (pdf files)

Setting procedure and Examples of Special Sediment-related Disaster Hazard Area Etc

Help Desk

If you need advises/recommendations, please send a message to address below.

Dr. Hideaki MIZUNO

Senior Researcher, Research Center for Disaster Risk Management,
National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management,
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism, JAPAN


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